Guide for Buying an Android Smartphone

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Guide for Buying an Android Smartphone
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Guide for Buying an Android Smartphone

There are millions of smartphones in the market. Well, it might be a tough task to choose the best for yourself. Size, colour, display and other features contribute to let you choose the best smartphone. If you are looking for an Android phone these characteristics will help you. Let’s give them a look!

Guide for Buying an Android Smartphone

1. Affordability and objective

This should be a perfect and prior duo. Keeping your budget and purpose of buying a phone, you should go ahead with your choice. For instance, if you are buying it for photography then you should focus on camera quality and the pricing. Its other features could be proportionately compromised to your budget.

2. Functionality and operating system

Generally, a metallic body is desirable. But this can stop you from attributes like micro SD card or headphone jack. So, you should survey the functionality of your smartphone. Now, you have to refresh your mastery of Android and its versions. There are versions of versions that can confuse you. An outdated version won’t help you out in any way. Go for the latest version; fresh and updated.

3. Size and display

It is a matter of your taste. Which is the ideal size for you? A bigger or handy, it is totally up to you. Also, the colour is counted in.

There are two types of display: LCD and AMOLED. LCD is brighter and the content is displayed better in sunlight. AMOLED has a more saturated colour contrast. You should have ample information about the display you want on your Android phone.

4. Internal storage

If you are aiming to make millions of memories then you should give a check to internal storage and RAM it possesses. Large internal storage is over external storage. You can use a microSD card but your internal storage is the strength. Think about how much you are going to use and take decisions accordingly.

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