Fouad WhatsApp v8.12 APK Download [Latest Update 2020]

Fouad WhatsApp APK
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Fouad WhatsApp

Free download Fouad WhatsApp APK for Android 4.4+ from KaranAPK. Running multiple Whatsapp on Android isn’t a tough task. Nowadays, you will find a good deal of Free APKs to install in your own Android apparatus. One of these is Fouad WhatsApp. It’s one of newest WhatsApp Frees out there. Use this Fouad Free 8.12 APK for additional premium features. Thus, we bring this post with all the download details of the superb Dual WhatsApp program.

Everyone thinking differs right that’s why this much of WhatsApp mods has come into existence. Nowadays WhatsApp is having the significant strength of consumers from many of the countries globally. This post can enable you to download the Official Fouad WhatsApp APK right with no survey or Unnecessary ad popups.

Daily many of the programmers working on this sort of mods and help us to appreciate the exclusive features that aren’t accessible Official one. This is one of the greatest WAFree among the rest of the mods. This can help us to test and utilize the Exclusive features and being a special individual within our buddy’s groups. Many of the people do not understand how these rather mods works. If you are an online geek, then you’re extremely knowledgeable about the Fouad WhatsApp APK for certain. The official one does not have that a lot of features yet this is the sole reason behind.

Fouad WhatsApp Download

Keep visiting our website we’ll update the newest version of Fouad WhatsApp Apk download link according to each construct created by Fouad Mokdad. This Fouad WhatsApp APK relies on YoWhatsapp.

I guess you may do not understand about this new WhatsApp Free from Fouad Mokdad. He’s developed the Fouad WhatsApp to operate two WhatsApp on one device readily. We all use the GBWhatsApp for Android that’s the most popular. It’s some super exciting features over the normal Whatsapp software. The Fouad Frees WhatsApp is very similar to that with additional features. Experience no lag with the beautiful material layout.

Yes, you may use Fouad WhatsApp with your next number together with normal WhatsApp. This always comes handy once you have two numbers and wish to use dual WhatsApp.

FAQ About Latest Fouad WhatsApp APK

How much secure is Fouad WhatsApp?
Fouad WhatsApp is totally safe to use and 100% free of malware. There’s also no banned issue. It includes all-new Anti-Ban feature. You can use it only as you utilize official WhatsApp. No need to be concerned about the security issue of FouadWA.

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and FouadWA?
Regarding performance, there’s absolutely not any difference at all. But if you think about features, then Fouad WhatsApp is 100 times greater than regular WhatsApp. It includes absolutely no limitation to WhatsApp features. Aside from that, it provides a lot of custom features that aren’t available on WhatsApp.

Is rooting necessary to utilize Fouad WhatsApp?
No, you don’t need a rooted apparatus.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Features:

  • Set Image as background for Home screen! (Option 1.1.2 > photo)
  • Choose to place a picture next to All/First/Last bubble (Option 3.4.6)
  • My picture in conversation outside/inside (Options 3.4.1)
  • My picture in groups outside/inside (Option 3.4.3)
  • Preview Entries Style Before Applying
  • Selected Tab Underline colour (option 2.1.11)
  • Line colour between chats in Main Screen (option 2.1.12)
  • Date Pending Message colour in Main Screen (option 2.1.13)
  • Date Color in Main Screen (option 2.1.14)
  • Mention colour in Main Screen (option 2.1.15)
  • Documents Text Color in Chat Screen (option 3.1.32)
  • Mention colour in Chat Screen (option 3.1.33)
  • Voice note play button colour (option 3.1.30)
  • Voice note play bar (option 3.1.329)
  • Forward icon colour (option 3.1.25)
  • Forward background colour (options 3.1.26)
  • Participants Color (Option 3.1.31)
  • Call Blocker/Who can call me option (Calls > Menu)
  • White Navigation bar support for Android 8.0+
  • Azerbaijani language (Option 1.3.0)
  • YoThemes Store design (YoFrees > YoThemes > Download themes)
  • Save themes now automatically also creates the theme .zip file!
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) translation
  • Duplicate New Call FAB
  • Participant nickname not getting coloured in group
  • Messages text size not working for the Arabic language
  • Trick to bypass WhatsApp lock from YoWidget
  • HSV Color options not showing on Android 8.0+
  • Yowidget not showing properly for Arabic language phones (RTL)
  • White Statusbar causes viewing Images to be cropped at the bottom
  • Anti delete messages
  • Disable forward tag.
  • Hide media from the phone gallery.
  • Load theme does not apply wallpaper
  • WhatsApp big size on some phones
  • FAB now moves to the right in RTL languages
  • Overall speed
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) – Airplane Freee.
  • Many More.


Fouad WhatsApp Download

Final Words:

So, I understand you’ve downloaded this double Whatsapp APK. All these Frees are terrifically good because you can experience running multiple WhatsApp accounts at the same time. I think you need to install 100% secure variant. Thus, upgrade it to the latest release. Enjoy all of the best customizations.

The best mod that has the best features together with new improvements and upgrades. So, it is advisable to download the most recent version from here to improve your user experience. Actually, it’s the most used application by consumers that were already using YoWhatsapp. It’s just like the YoWa in many aspects, but a few extra features added in this one.

Free Download:

Fouad WhatsApp v8.12 Apk

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