Best Android Music Player for Moto G5 Plus/Moto G5s Plus/All Moto Devices

Best Android Music Player for Moto
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Hello! Friends, This article will help all Motorola fans and all other android users who looking for Best Music Player with best audio quality. I used many premium music player app in my Moto device Moto G5 Plus as well as other friend’s Moto devices and one affordable cheap google play store music app give impress performance. Yes! You right! We talking about Stellio Music Player App. It works fine and the audio quality is quite good than other tested music app for Moto devices. Other apps like: Poweramp, GoneMAD, AIMP, Neutron or familiar like DoubleTwist, Apollo, n7 player apps also good but we can recommended to use Stellio Music Player. It is best for Moto Mobiles.

Stellio Music Player

Stellio Player is a leader among players. The main goal of which is to beget marvelous high quality sound and at the same time pack it all into the most convenient interface. The player has powerful audio engine that controls 12 bands equalizer with a lot of audio effects.

Media player has a lot of conveniences:
– Get text of songs from internet
– Set cover for a track using convenient search or let the player do all work automatically.
– Change tags of a track
– Smart structure of audio library by Folders, Artitsts, Genres and Albums
– Customize view of launcher Widgets and Notification
– Set sleep timer to shut music down after some amount of time or tracks
– Switch tracks using headset, shake device or by volume buttons
– Scrobble music to
– A lot of other settings like list animations, custom lock screen

Characteristics of audio engine:
– Crossface – smooth transition of a composition sound into another
– Gapless – Play tracks in the way they were mastered, without gaps between
– High-Resolution Audio playback
– 12 bands equalizer and 13 audio effects: VolumeAmp, Speed, Tone, Balance, Echo, Reverb, AutoWah, Flanger, AGC, Z-Bass, Z-Mids, Z-Treble, Compression
– Support playlist file: .cue .pls .m3u
– Supports a many rare audio formats: WavPack(.wv .wvc), Monkey(.ape), MusePack (.mpc .mpp .mp+), Lossless (.mp4 .m4a .m4b), AAC (.aac .mp4 .m4a .m4b ), FLAC (.flac), Speex (.spx .wav .oga .ogg), Opus (.opus), Samples (.wav .aiff .mp3 .mp2 .mp1 .ogg), Free music (.xm .it .s3m .mod .mtm .umx)

Full support Android Wear

Control music from a watch, choose a track without taking your phone from the pocket. Following possibilities are included:

– The audio player can browse it by artist, folders, or albums
– It can even color the surrounding elements by the cover
– Like on a phone, the player changes its color by track cover art

Google Playstore Download Link: Stellio Music Player

Moto Display

Stellio Music Player Interface

In this app, you get the interface like Moto Display. Keep your style with this music app. Thanks for reading.

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