How To Prevent Overheating In Android Phone?

How To Prevent Overheating In Android Phone
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Prevent Overheating In Android Phone

Overheating is the raised temperature of your cell phone felt by the sense of touch. Overheating is the most common issue faced by android users. It can create more problems. It can damage your battery and often mobile phones explode when they are not given proper solutions to overheating. It is better to avoid or take preventive measures for it.

How To Prevent Overheating In Android Phone

1. Stop Overusing Phone

There is no denying of the fact that mostly your smartphone shows such signs of overheating when used continually for five to six hours. It is also injurious to your health and for your smartphone too. Give it a break to cool down.

2. Clear Malware

It is obvious that viruses create defects in the normal functioning of your smartphone. Yes, you should keep it away from viruses. Don’t connect your mobile to an unknown and unsecured internet connection. It is the entry point of a virus. Then, it starts working. It is also a considerable reason to why your phone overheats.

3. Exposure To Sunlight

Some people do not know that direct exposure to sunlight on your smartphone can be the reason for overheating. In fact, remove your phone case because the heat gets trapped in it. Remove your case for some time. It will cool down easily.

4. Charging Cautiously

If you’re able to sense that overheating is being caused then you need to check it charging the right way. You should check the battery temperature of your phone. It is usually up to 30 degrees. If it is hiking, then you should take care of this. Change the charging cable. The last alternative you are left with is replacing the battery.

There are many real-life cases of the explosion of mobile phones. The sole reason is overheating. Battery should be kept in good condition. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can effortlessly overcome this problem.

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