Best Secrets Tips to Extend Battery Life on Android Phone

Best Secrets Tips to Extend Battery Life on Android Phone
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Mobile phones have been our lifelines for the past few decades. We cannot survive without giving a reaction to a single notification on our mobile phone when it rings. But, what will you do if your phone is suck battery just like sipping juice in the blink of an eye? There is something wrong with either with your smartphone or the techniques you are not using to about this problem. So, here are some secret ways to extend the battery life of your android phones:

Tips to Extend Battery Life on Android Phone

1. Optimize your Applications

Drawing your attention to some basic things which you should take care of while using your mobile phone; managing your home screen could be the first step towards ensuring an extended battery life. It is often noticed that people install so many apps that they are not even able to manage them on their home screen. Delete those apps when not in use. A branched home screen with a bunch of apps absorbs maximum battery.

2. Turn off GPS when not in use

Well, these are the trends we all are aware of. What we all avoid is checking location services. Don’t keep this feature on unnecessarily. You can further regulate it by using the option of lower location accuracy.

Tips to Extend Battery Life on Android Phone

3. Reduce Notifications

Every time you download any app on your phone, it asks for sending you notifications. Generally, we receive 10-20 notifications on an average which is responsible for reduced battery life. A decent way is to turn off your notifications for the day and receive then all at one time.

4. Tweak some settings

A simple and effective method that you should apply is turn on your mobile phone into sound and vibration. It will prevent your battery to be used minimally. Secondly, manage the brightness and activate the power-saving mode.

5. Don’t use Live-Wallpapers

Android phone is loaded with lucrative live wallpapers. Everybody is fond of using them but surprisingly these wallpapers are the reason behind your battery-related issues. The battery is heavily used in these applications due to which we need to charge our phones in another hour.

So, these are some of the strategies you should adopt to ensure protracted battery life.

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